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Alternative resource for people being crushed by debt

I came across some interesting info about an organization based on the 12 step anonymous ideaology that may be of value to people in L.A. who are being hammered by higher costs of living and increased debt.

The primary purpose to to help people recovery from "compulsive debting" and to find serenity. This might also include "cumpulvise saving", which would be kind of like the oppisite of uncontrolable spending or debting. I suppose those people might be similar to the loved ones and family members of an alcoholic. They might be, in essesne, an enabler. Perhaps they are in a co-dependent situation or have developed a co-dependent behaiour in relationship to money by growing up in a home in which there was uncontlled or compulsive debting, caring thier coping mechanism into adult hood.

Also people who have some emotional barriar that keeps them from earning more or having a better quality of life. they speak of how self-esteem can play a part in causing people to over spend or to go into overwhelming debt.

From what I understand this program was first started sometime in the 1960's or 70's in New York by some people that were in "recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous. They had become sober in that program but found themselves with problems of debt. Having learned and found recovery from the problems of drinking alcohol, they applied the 12 step concept to this new problem that they faced in thier sobriety.

The program is design like the other 12 step programs in that it based very closely on the 12 steps of AA and thier traditions. that includes having meetings where people can share their "experience, strength, and hope", find a sponsor in the program to help guide them and encourage them in their path of recovery.

Additionally, the Debtors Anonymous added a few things. They do something called "Pressure Relief groups"(AKA PRGs). Those take place in either "mini", "emergency", or in full form. The "mini" or "emergency" PRG's are for short meeting of the person under pressure from some thing, with 2 people(they recommend 1 male and 1 female in PRG's). During that meeting the person shares what is causing the pressure. The people listening, the people listening then comment on what they think about what has been said, with a focus on using the tools they have found through the DA 12 steps and traditions. They will work together to build an "action plan" in addressing what is causing the pressure and how to relieve it using the DA principles in concrete ways.

They also host workshops, that supplement those above things. One example of one of these is have panel discussions, learning about credit, dealing with holiday spending, etc.

The program is free. They do collect donations to cover costs of the meeting space, and to provide literature and help fund the operation of the main organizations offices.

In Sourthern California, the SoCalDA, in addition to maintaining a DA meeting schedule, produces a newsleterr that comes out about once every month or two. That newsletter has a listing of the current meeting schedule in Sourther California. It often includes specail articles written by DA members. It also has contact info for the organization and a list of special events coming up.


Blogger Los Angeles Friends In Deed said...

Another interested stat that is not hitting main stream media. In Los Angeles, there is growing trend for folks to attend groups like Debtors Anonymous

I think alot of people are becoming more and more aware of the spiritual and emotional connection/relaltionship they have with money. And they are developing more tools and support that support themselves spiritually and emotionally, when it comes to "money". Some people buy to impress. Some people don't buy because of fear. Some people are buying because of a fear. As people meditate and develop their inner spiritual well being, they, IMHO, make better choice for themselves.

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